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Guided visualization

Through the guided visualization sessions, you will create your own sacred space. Filled with sensory details, you will be quick to recall it, whenever you need instant access to calmness and inspiration for your creative practice.

New insights

In response to my questions and prompts, you will be become clearer on what motivates you to create and who you are as a creator. These new insights will be the springboard for you to further develop your creative ambitions and bring them to life.

Breaking through barriers

You will discover some of the most common barriers to creativity. Psychological barriers like fear of failure and negative self-talk are complex, but you will learn how to overcome them and work more effectively with your inner critic.

Getting into the zone

You will learn how to 'get into the zone' and access the flow of your creativity energy quickly and easily. You will also have free access to all the books in my Inspiration & Creativity series which are filled with many more exercises.

Creative spirit: a way of life

You will master five dimensions of wellbeing (intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, and time) and find your own of integrating them into your daily life. This mode of self-care will get you through the most difficult phases of your creative practice.

Sustaining momentum

You will discover how to protect your inner artist during the most vulnerable phases of the creative process. You will also learn what you need to sustain your creative energy over the long haul to see your creative projects through to completion.

Your transformation

Using the structure provided in video nine of this course, you will bring together everything you have learned, and everything that is important to you into one simple template. This will be your springboard for creating your own plan for transformation.

Case study

In the final video, I offer myself as a case study. You will hear my own journey from fragmentation to integration of my creative and spiritual practices, and the incredible impact it's had on my wellbeing and productivity.


All 10 lessons in the curriculum below are offered through audio-visual presentations and each is supported by a downloadable pdf transcription. I also provide a comprehensive list of books, articles and journals for further reading.


"Creative Spirit takes you on a journey of connecting your mind, body and spirit to unleash your creativity. As a creative and a therapist, I experienced great insights from this course which now help me get into the flow with ease. Val is a supportive and welcoming guide on this journey and provides valuable reflections on the things that get in the way of expressing your creativity, and how to overcome these barriers. If you’re interested in exploring your creativity, this is the place to start."

Lucille Shackleton, Therapist and Founder of Centred Self Therapy.

"If you have always wanted to explore your creative side more and/or discover your creative potential, then this course is a fantastic starting point. A brilliant step by step course that takes you on a creative journey using different tools and methods to tap into your creative inspiration and sources of creativity within you. I highly recommend doing this course if you have been craving some kind of creative outlet, knowing you have a creative ability in art, music, craft etc, but perhaps haven't had the confidence or put the time aside to explore it further. This course would also be a very thoughtful gift for any friends/family/colleagues who may have suffered loss."

Lara Doherty, Founder of The Motivation Clinic and Vision Coach.

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Valerie Andrews is the Founder of Opal Tree Press and creator of this course. The books in her Inspiration & Creativity series have received great reviews from readers. Here are some reviews of her book "Creative Visualization: Access your imagination and enhance your creative practice" -

"This is an amazing book that will help you focus your mind on finding your higher self. It found me at the right time. I needed to channel my negative emotions about some sad situation in my life, and this book taught me how to harness my imagination and how to try and make something productive out of it. It also taught me how to set goals for myself. These are all I captured in the few days that I've been reading this book. I'm excited to see what a months worth of practice will it do for my life." - Fifi

"This is a very practical book written for people who wish to move forward in a logical manner in an area that is helpful to us all. Instead of being stuck on a single concept or theory, the writer moves us through a series of concepts that open us up to our own visualization and creation process and makes us comfortable with all of the aspects of this process. There are many scientific references, and solid research has been done, which again makes it very easy for the reader to become open to the process. The writer actually gives scientific justification for meditation and creative visualization. If you are familiar with Silva's work, you will also work well from this book." - E. Taylor

"I got the most from this book in the first third, where the author presents the "take-home messages" from a number of experts explaining creativity and the creative process. It's often best to gain an overall understanding of a subject before jumping in and floundering. I particularly like the sections tying creativity to both directed chaos and harmonic balance. Not conflicting, but complimenting. Very illuminating. So, anyone wanting to understand and rev up their creative engine would benefit from this short, well-written book. Highly recommended!" - Daniel

"Great exercises to bring more creativity to your life. If you want some guided exercises to bring forth your creativity, this book is for you. I also enjoyed the well-researched first section which talked about how important creativity is and why we may not be as creative as we could be." - Julie

"If you like books about creativity, then this is for you to help prompt creative thinking. The author delves into what is and is not "creative" highlighting scientific research and other books on the topic coupled with her own extensive professional experiences. The techniques apply to almost any task, not just the creative kind." - Don

"Outstanding book about creativity. I was so pleasantly surprised by this book! Such great insights into the creative process, and so many wonderful exercises to dive into. This really is a "must-read" book for all those interested in creativity and the creative process. Enthusiastic 5 stars!" - CLopez

"An easy and informative read. Val Andrews has offered us a well thought out book stacked with some excellent research. I enjoyed my first read very much and am looking forward to undertaking some of the book's many interesting visualization exercises." - AndyM

"A toolkit liberating emotions through creativity. This book makes a compelling case for taking time to meditate. I’ve yet to try these exercises but it looks like an effective approach to harnessing our emotional landscape and marking our journey through a creative process." - Stephen

"This is an easy-to-read, comprehensive introduction to the topic with an emphasis on finding your own process and enriching your scenes with details. It sheds light on the artistic/creative process and an early section shares perspectives and research from different authors on creativity and related topics." - Mark S.